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The ceramic substrate turns out to be like this

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  Ceramic substrate refers to a special process board in which copper foil is directly typed into the surface(single-sided or double-sided)of alumina(Al2O3)or aluminum nitride(AlN)ceramic substrate at high temperature.The made ultra-thin composite board has excellent electrical insulation performance,high thermal conductivity,excellent weldability and high adhesion strength,can etch various patterns like a PCB board,and has a large current carrying capacity.

  Classified by material.


  Alumina substrate is the most commonly used substrate material in the electronics industry.Its strength and chemical stability are high,and the source of raw materials is abundant.It is suitable for various technical manufacturing and shapes.


  has a thermal conductivity higher than that of metal aluminum,and is used in applications that require high thermal conductivity,but the temperature will drop rapidly when the temperature exceeds 300°C.

ceramic substrates


  AlN has two very important properties:one is high thermal conductivity,and the other is the expansion coefficient suitable for Si.

  The disadvantage is that a thin oxide layer on the surface will also affect the thermal conductivity.

  In summary,alumina ceramics have been widely used in microelectronics,power electronics,hybrid microelectronics,power modules and other fields due to their excellent comprehensive properties.
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