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Do you know the application fields of ceramic substrates?

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  Ceramic substrates(alumina,aluminum nitride,silicon nitride,zirconia,zirconia toughened alumina,etc.)are used in semiconductor chip packaging,sensors,communication electronics,and mobile phones due to their excellent thermal,mechanical,chemical and dielectric properties.High-tech fields such as smart terminals,instrumentation,new energy,new light sources,automotive high-speed railways,wind power generation,robotics,aerospace,defense and military industry are widely used.According to statistics,the market for various ceramic substrates manufactured by tape casting technology has reached tens of billions each year.Especially in recent years,with the rapid development of China’s new energy vehicles,high-speed railways and 5G base stations,the power components used in these new industries have a High thermal conductivity silicon nitride and aluminum nitride ceramic substrates are in great demand.CRRC alone has an annual demand of 5 million sheets

  According to statistics,alumina ceramic capacitive pressure sensors are widely used in various automobiles,and the market has reached nearly 10 billion yuan,but the alumina ceramic plates currently used are almost all imported.Zirconia ceramic substrates are not only used in new energy solid fuel cells.In the past two years,it has also become an important material for smartphone fingerprint recognition boards and mobile phone back panels.It has been practically applied to brand phones such as Xiaomi and OPPO.In 2017,the shipment of mobile phone ceramic back panels has exceeded 50 Ten thousand.

ceramic substrates

  In the large industrial chain of ceramic substrates,there are great business opportunities and market demands,as well as many important technical and technical issues and cooperation and docking between the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain.Mainly include ceramic powder for high-performance circuit boards,advanced casting technology,casting equipment and casting slurry,different sintering technologies for oxide and nitride circuit boards,circuit board leveling and processing technology,circuit board Testing and evaluation of metallization and copper technology,materials and products.

  five application areas.

  1.IGBT modules are used in high-speed railways,new energy vehicles,wind power generation,robots,and 5G base stations.

  2.Smartphone back panel and fingerprint recognition.

  3.A new generation of solid fuel cells.

  4.New type flat pressure sensor and oxygen sensor.

  5.LD/LED heat dissipation,laser system,hybrid integrated circuit.
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