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DPC ceramics: what are the requirements for PCB multilayer circuit boards

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  (1)The power plane should be close to the ground,closely integrated with the ground,and arranged under the ground.

  (2)The signal layer should be adjacent to the inner electrical layer and not directly adjacent to other signal layers.

  (3)Isolate digital and analog circuits.If possible,arrange the artificial signal lines and digital signal lines in layers,and take shielding measures;if they need to be arranged on the same signal layer,they need to use isolation bands and ground wires to reduce interference;the power supply of the simulation circuit and the digital circuit The ground should be isolated from each other and cannot be mixed.

  (4)The high-frequency circuit has a large external interference.It is best to arrange it separately.The upper and lower electrical layers are used to directly transmit the adjacent intermediate signal layers,and the inner electrical layer copper film is used to reduce external interference.

DPC ceramics

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