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Why do you need a DPC ceramic substrate

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  The ceramic package substrate is an important link to connect the internal and external heat  ssipation channels.It can provide electrical connection,protection,support,heat  ssipation,assembly and other effects for the chip,realize multi-pin,reduce the volume of packaged products,improve electrical performance and heat  ssipation,and ultra-high density Or the purpose of multi-chip modularization.

  With the upgra ng of science and technology in recent years,the input power of the chip is getting higher and higher.For high-power products,the packaging substrate has high electrical insulation,high thermal conductivity,and thermal expansion coefficient matching the chip.Previously packaged on a metal PCB board,in order to achieve thermoelectric separation,an insulating layer was also needed.Due to the extremely poor thermal conductivity of the insulating layer,heat is not concentrated on the chip at this time,but concentrated near the insulating layer under the chip.Once the power is higher,heat  ssipation problems will occur.This is obviously inconsistent with the  rection of market development.

  DPC ceramic substrate can solve this problem.The ceramic itself is an insulator and has good heat  ssipation performance.The DPC ceramic substrate can  rectly fix the chip on the ceramic,so there is no need to make an insulating layer on the ceramic.

  DPC ceramic substrates have various points.

  Low communication loss-the  electric constant of the ceramic material itself makes the signal loss smaller.

DPC substrate

  High thermal conductivity-the thermal conductivity of alumina ceramics is 15~35w/mk,and the thermal conductivity of aluminum nitride ceramics is 170~230w/mk.The heat on the chip is  rectly conducted to the ceramic chip without an insulating layer,which can be better Heat  ssipation.

  More matching thermal expansion coefficient-chip material is Si(silicon)GaAS(gallium arsenide),the thermal expansion coefficient of ceramic and chip are close,and there will be no too much deformation when the temperature  fference is sharply deformed,causing problems such as wire desoldering and internal stress.

  High bon ng strength-The bon ng strength between the metal layer and the ceramic substrate of the Stone ceramic substrate product is high,up to 45MPa(the strength of the ceramic substrate itself with a thickness of more than 1mm).

  Pure copper through-holes-Stone ceramic DPC technology supports PTH(plated through holes)/vias(vias).

  High operating temperature-ceramics can withstand high and low temperature cycles with large fluctuations,and can even operate normally at 600 degrees.

  High electrical insulation-The ceramic material itself is an insulating material and can withstand high destruction voltage.

  Customized service-Silitong can provide customized services accor ng to customer needs,and mass production accor ng to the product design drawings and requirements provided by users.Users can have more choices and be more humane.

  DPC substrate technology uses thin film manufacturing technology-vacuum coating method to combine sputtering coating and copper metal composite layer on ceramic substrate to make copper and ceramic substrate have a strong bon ng force,and then use yellow light and shadow photoresist to expose,shadow and etch,Film removal technology to complete the circuit production,after the final use of electroplating/electroless plating
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