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What are the classifications of LED ceramic substrates?

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  Performance characteristics of ceramic substrate:

  1.Using ceramic substrates can realize multiple parallel integration functions(COB)of light-emitting diode chips,and can also meet the market requirements of low cost,low weight,and low shrinkage;

  2.Can be used for COB integrated surface(line)light source,soft,no glare;

  3.Suitable for COB integration of a single low-power chip below 0.5W(including 0.5W);

  4.Good heat dissipation performance on six sides,ensuring low light attenuation;

  5.High dimensional accuracy,suitable for the development of multi-die LED packages;

  6.The low thermal expansion coefficient is close to the chip crystal to improve reliability;

  7.High environmental resistance,can be used in high temperature and high humidity environment,with heat resistance,light inversion resistance,high strength,high insulation,high thermal conductivity and high reflectivity

  Comply with EU RoHS regulations;anti-ultraviolet and yellowing;the silver layer is specially treated to ensure high light efficiency;long life and good performance.

What are the classifications of LED ceramic substrates?

  LED ceramic substrates are mainly divided into:ceramic square slices,ceramic discs,ceramic filaments and so on.

  1.LED ceramic square piece.

  Adopting Japanese imported moulded cutting line,it can be cut directly without laser scribing.The cutting surface is flat without burrs,defects,cracks,high strength,high dimensional accuracy,and easy to align printing and packaging.

  2.LED ceramic sheet.

  The casting die is used for stamping,with smooth edges and no burrs.Various types of wafers and wafer connecting pieces can be developed.

  3.LED ceramic filament:

  Each cutting line is stamped with Japanese imported molds,which can be broken directly,and can be arranged directly with automatic equipment,which can greatly reduce labor costs.
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