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How to see the quality of the ceramic substrate

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  The ceramic substrate refers to a special process board in which the copper foil is directly connected to the surface(single-sided or double-sided)of the aluminum oxide(Al2O3)or aluminum nitride(AlN)ceramic substrate at high temperatures.

  Ceramic substrate has become the basic material of high-power power electronic circuit structure technology and connection technology.

  It is widely used in the manufacture of electronics industry.Due to its many advantages such as good thermal conductivity,high pressure resistance,stable chemical properties,etc.,it has become an important part of the manufacture of electronic products.

  Then,how to distinguish the quality of ceramic substrates?

  1.Look at the quality parameters of the ceramic substrate.The quality-guaranteed ceramic substrate should be made of a variety of high-quality substrate materials such as stable chemical properties(high temperature resistance,strong acid and alkali resistance)and high thermal conductivity.This parameter information can be understood by consulting or viewing specific product manufacturing instructions.

  2.Look at the fine workmanship of the ceramic substrate.High-quality ceramic substrates require strict requirements on the distance and bonding density between electronic components.Of course,the appearance and edges of the board can also reflect its processing quality.

How to see the quality of the ceramic substrate

  3.Pass the test.One of the major advantages of ceramic substrates is that they have good thermal conductivity,which can make the plate work for a period of time,and then cut off the power supply to stop working,and test its temperature and the flow rate of the entire circuit.If the temperature is too high,it means that the thermal conductivity is poor and it is not a good-quality ceramic substrate.

  4.To understand the information of ceramic substrate manufacturers.Ceramic substrate manufacturers are formal and have multiple qualifications,which often means that their production and manufacturing have passed formal and strict production technology and requirements,and the choice of materials is also guaranteed.Of course,understanding the brand reputation and user evaluation of ceramic substrates can directly express the quality of ceramic substrates to a certain extent.

  In the printed circuit board proofing,the ceramic substrate is a special kind of plate,with high technical requirements,relatively difficult processing,and higher cost than ordinary printed circuit boards.Ordinary printed circuit board proofing factories are troublesome,or because customers have few orders,they don’t want to do it or they rarely do it.At present,Jedduobang uses ceramic substrates in printed circuit board proofing,which can achieve 4~6 layers of ceramic pure pressure;mixed pressure 4~8 layers.
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