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Ceramic substrates with high thermal conductivity play an important role in LED street lights

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  Bridges and bridges adopt modular ceramic heat-dissipating LED street lights,with a total of nearly 10,000 sets,which can meet the requirements of lighting brightness,lighting time,and lighting color temperature when vehicles are passing on the bridge,overcome the heat dissipation problem of street lights,and greatly improve the life and reliability of street lights..Conventional lamps use ordinary PCB boards,and nearly 70%of the electric energy is converted into heat,which generates a lot of heat.If it is a metal substrate,it cannot conduct heat well.If it is an epoxy resin,it will hold high temperature and cause damage.It seriously affects the safety and the use of lamps.Then the ceramic circuit board can solve this problem.

Ceramic substrates

  The ceramic circuit board has good insulation performance and high thermal conductivity.On the one hand,it fundamentally deals with heat dissipation and greatly improves the service life.On the other hand,the insulation of the ceramic itself eliminates the risk of leakage and non-ferrous metal pollution.However,the ceramic substrate is also a disadvantage.First of all,ceramic substrates require high-temperature sintering.In this process,many factors cannot be fully controlled,which will result in a low rate of good ceramic substrates,and it is difficult for general manufacturers to bear the R&D cost of improving the good rate.Secondly,the chip is soldered on the ceramic substrate to ensure reliability,beautiful appearance and scientificity of the layout of structural parts,which is the key place in ceramic heat dissipation technology.These problems can only be solved by skilled ceramic plate manufacturers.
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