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1620 nickel metal substrate

1620 nickel metal substrate

The 1620 nickel-gold substrate is actually a type of substrate. The chemical nickel gold is also called nickel-gold. The substrate material is the basic material for manufacturing semiconductor components and printed circuit boards. It is made of high-quality materials. , so the performance is very good. This type of substrate is used in a wide range of applications and can be used in many industries, including industrial, electronics, and semiconductors, and will play a different role in different industries. In the selection of substrate materials, the 1620 nickel-plated substrate first needs to take into account the electrical properties of the substrate material, that is, the arc resistance, the breakdown strength, the insulation resistance of the substrate, and secondly, the mechanical properties, that is, the circuit board. Hardness and shear strength.
The processing performance of the 1620 nickel-gold substrate is very good, has a good thermal expansion coefficient, thermal conductivity is also very good, high strength and hardness, and has been well applied in the power semiconductor industry. This type of substrate is excellent in heat dissipation, electromagnetic shielding performance, machinability, dimensional stability, etc. Each performance is very good! It has always been loved by a wide range of users, and the effect is even better.

Product specification

  Material:   Alumina
  Substrate thickness:   0.38±0.03㎜
  Monomer size:   1.64*2.04±0.035㎜
  Surface treatment:   Nickel gold
  Set size (length * width):   54.5*54.5㎜
  Number of monomers:   540pcs/sheet

DPC Customized Guide

  Material   AlO/AIN/Glass etc.
  Thickness(mm)   0.15/0.25/0.38/0.5/0.635
  Dimension(inch)   3*3/4*4/4.5*4.5/4.8*4.8
  Metal Type   Single-layer: Cu Ni Au Ag
  Multi-layer:Cu-Ag Cu-Ni-Au Cu-Ni-Ag
  Alloy customized
  Total Thickness (μm)   1-200(For customized)
  Pattern Construction   Single sided/Double sided with via holes/Customized
  Resolution   Min 15μm

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