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3535 nickel-palladium gold substrate

3535 nickel-palladium gold substrate

The 3535 nickel-palladium-gold substrate is the basic material for manufacturing PCBs. It is selectively processed during processing, including electroplating copper, electroless copper plating, etching and hole processing, etc., to obtain the required circuit pattern. This is a kind of Very good processing method. Such a substrate has three functions, one of which is a conductive function, and the other functions of support and insulation, each of which can exhibit different characteristics. The quality, performance, and processability in manufacturing, manufacturing level, and manufacturing cost of the 3535 nickel-palladium-gold substrate depend to a large extent on the substrate material.
The history of 3535 nickel-palladium-gold substrates for substrate materials, technology and production, has experienced half a century of development, the annual output in the world can be said to reach 290 million square meters, at this development time is electronic Driven by innovative developments in machine products and semiconductor manufacturing technologies, as well as printed circuit board technology and electronic mounting technology. After more than 40 years of development, China's substrate materials have formed a production scale with an annual output value of about 9 billion yuan. With the continuous development and advancement of electronic technology, new requirements for printed circuit board materials are constantly being put forward, so this type of The substrate has been constantly updated and improved.

Product specification

  Material   Alumina
  Substrate thickness:   0.508±0.05㎜
  Monomer size:   3.4*3.4±0.03㎜
  Surface treatment:   Nickel palladium
  Set size (length * width):   100*50㎜
  Finished product thickness:   0.688±0.068㎜
  Number of monomers:   240pcs/sheet

DPC Customized Guide

  Material   AlO/AIN/Glass etc.
  Thickness(mm)   0.15/0.25/0.38/0.5/0.635
  Dimension(inch)   3*3/4*4/4.5*4.5/4.8*4.8
  Metal Type   Single-layer: Cu Ni Au Ag
  Multi-layer:Cu-Ag Cu-Ni-Au Cu-Ni-Ag
  Alloy customized
  Total Thickness (μm)   1-200(For customized)
  Pattern Construction   Single sided/Double sided with via holes/Customized
  Resolution   Min 15μm

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