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Human Resources

Job position profession Job responsibilities
R & D post Chemistry (application chemistry, materials
 chemistry, chemical engineering, etc.),
 microelectronics, integrated circuit 
engineering, physical electronics, 
mechatronics and other related majors.
Product process development and
 mass production introduction.
Technical post
Production process optimization
 and production line abnormal
 project analysis and processing to
 ensure normal production.
English, Korean, accounting, marketing,
 administration and other related majors
Responsible for sales promotion at
 home and abroad, communication
 with domestic and foreign
 customers and suppliers, financial
 daily settlement, administrative
 management, etc.

Salary and benefits:
1. Training: The company arranges employees to conduct external training from time to time. During the external training period, the professional team leads the internship. During the training period, the corresponding process technical positions are arranged according to personal development;
2. Salary: 40-70K/year for undergraduate students; 60-100K/year for postgraduates; doctors negotiable (according to the performance of school and internship performance, academic qualifications, etc.),purchase of five insurance payments for employees;

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